The beginning…

So, lets start from the beginning.

My name is Shaakirah Sabira. I currently live in Saudi Arabia and as you probably know by now, I’m a doula.

If you’re here I have to presume you know what a doula is, but if not here is a short and precise explanation by Merriam Webster “a person trained to provide advice, information, emotional support, and physical comfort to a mother before, during, and just after childbirth”

I decided that I wanted to be a doula the day a family friend came over to talk about the doula training she had done in Devon. I remember a warm fuzzy feeling go over my body as the comfort of knowing what I wanted to with my life entered my young brain.

But alas, life had other ideas and I ended up doing everything but working towards my dream. To be honest, I did have countless hopes and dreams and some I was able to reach but this doula dream seemed to always be further out of reach than the rest.

During this time the thought of becoming a doula, supporting mothers and using my empath abilities to assist women through the magical process of birth, were pushed to the bottom of my to do list and it eventually went off to hibernate along with everything else I believed I didn’t have time for but was actually scared to do and fail at.

Every birth I ended up attending, either as a non qualified doula or a birth partner, seemed to awake this dream. However before long this uncared for dream would let out a big yawn and curl back up. It new I just wasn’t ready yet. I first had to learn how to deal with failing and getting right back up again.

Fast forward many years I found myself face to face with a Doula training company. I managed to convince myself I still wasn’t ready and I that I didn’t have time (although I had just quit my teaching job and would dream about being on call and attending births)

So my husband emailed them himself and got me to reply. So I did. And here I am, nearly a year later with the same fuzzy feeling and comfort knowing that this is something I have to do for the rest of my life. And also knowing that if I fail, all I have to do is start again (but thank God I didn’t fail and that I’m not a bad doula if I say so myself).

Being a Doula is hard work. On call at God forsaken hours, labors that don’t seem to end and heavy heart to hearts with scared mothers to be.

But I tell you, the look on a mother’s face when she see’s her baby for the first time and the look she gives you as she lays (or squats there) with her baby in her arms is priceless. And it’s then that the entire universe seems to all be in the room you’re in.

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