What’s in my doula bag?

I like to think of my doula bag as a Mary Poppins bag for birth.
Being on call means that I can leave any minute and can’t be faffing around looking for essential oils.
That’s why I have my bag packed and waiting for me in the corner to grab when I need.
I use a small travelling bag on 4 wheels. I find it easier to handle and don’t have to carry it on my back. It fits well mostly anywhere whether in a boot or on a train.
My doula bag includes:

A hot water bottle
Heat pack
Stress balls
Massage oil
Portable speaker
Battery charged candles
Essential oils
Hand held fan
A few pregnancy charts
Phone charger
Battery pack
Doula folder
Doula badge
Clients birth plan
Energy snacks
Tea bags
Water bottle
Change of clothes

The battery charged candles help to give a hospital room a calm and serene atmosphere. I don’t always use them but when I do the room always feels extra quiet.
Now the reason I keep a few charts with me is because I find it easier to show a birthing partner a picture of a robozo rather than try to explain the position. It makes things easier for everyone.
I get hungry quickly and I have to keep my energy levels up so that I can be fully prepared for mama and baby. That’s why I make sure I keep things like nuts, energy bars and tea bags with me.
If I need a quick pick me up I don’t have to go looking for a shop.
And its the same with mama. It’s so important for mothers to keep their energy levels up during labor so that they can be strong enough when it’s time to push. Honey and dates are great for this. I buy these small honey drops that can be sucked instead of using a spoon and making a sticky mess.
Straws are always handy for giving the mama a drink. Its much easier than trying to tip a bottle into her mouth.
Now this list works for me. Different Doulas bring what works for them. You don’t have to bring a portable speaker. I just like to be able to play something that the mother has chosen for labor. Whether it’s the sound of water or a hypnobirthing track.
A doula bag is a trial and error situation. It will always be changing with you as you gain more and more experience with each birth.

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