Doula welcome box

After a client chooses me as their doula I like to gift them a small welcome box.

I usually gift it as I give them my contract to sign. It seems to allow the not so fun contract and paying side of things to go extra smoothly.

So what’s in this gift box you ask?

Well a business card, a welcome letter and two small gifts. These gifts can sometimes change but they will always be handmade.

Something I like to give mostly everytime are my home made organic red raspberry leaf tea bags. They’re cute and always received well.

Another is my lavender stress relief balm. It’s an all natural product with a handful of ingredients. I use it myself whenever I feel stressed out. A little bit rubbed on your temples and a few deep breathes really does the job. And on top of that it works perfectly as a lip balm.

Hand made products are definitely not a must however I enjoy putting in a bit of time and giving my clients something sustainable, reusable and heart felt.

I also love writing my clients name on the box with gold pen. It adds a nice personalised touch. And the smiles it receives are priceless.

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