Placenta smoothies!?

A Placenta what!?

Yes, you read it right. A placenta smoothie.

A placenta is an organ that forms in your womb when pregnant. One side is connected to the inside of the mothers uterus wall and the the other side has the baby’s umbilical cord attached to it. The umbilical cord is the passage in which blood, oxygen and nutrients reach the baby whilst it’s in the womb.

Now, the placenta has different symbolism in different cultures. For example some cultures bury the placenta, believing it will bring them closer to the earth. Some believe that burying a placenta has the ability to bless the family with good fertility. Some also believe that the placenta is the baby’s first friend as it is has grown with the baby and provided it with nutrients and company.

So it’s up to you to choose the symbolism, blessings and power the placenta has, as many of these beliefs stem from cultures. But the mere fact that so many cultures and traditions honour the placenta only seems to add very little to the scientific research that has come about.

Right, so when I say scientific research I don’t mean about eating your placenta, which is called placentophagy. There has been no concrete evidence when it comes to stir frying your placenta or chucking it into a smoothie.

Some mothers swear by it, and have claimed that it has increased breast milk supply and improved post partum depression symptoms. Whilst there may be no scientific evidence for this you have to really think about the nutritional value. Animals eat there placentas during birth for energy. As I’ve seen first had from my cat giving birth to 7 kittens and snacking on warm placenta in between. Definitely don’t do that but we can take a look at the nutrients in a placenta. There’s isn’t much in the placenta but healthy protein and fats. So you could say a tired mother could keep up a healthy diet by adding it into her daily food intake. But she could, on the other hand eat a variety of things to provide her with the same fats and proteins that’s she’s getting from her placenta.

The scientific research that has been found however is that the blood in the cord is extremely effective in curing different types of cancer and illnesses. Blood can be collected after birth and can be sent off to a lab.

It really just depends on your preferences. The risk is that there may be an infection in the placenta so I would just say check before you consume it, keep it clean and keep it refrigerated.

Personally for me I don’t really like the thought of drinking a placenta smoothie. I would definitely prefer blueberries.

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