Child Birth Education 1: I’m pregnant, what now?

Congratulations, you just found out that you are expecting. What do you do? Who do you tell?

Just finding out that you are expecting is a very exciting time but it can begin to feel overwhelming.

What do you do?

1. Book a doctors/midwife appointment.

Making sure that you are healthy and finding a midwife are two very important things when it comes to pregnancy. The first trimester can sometimes be a very tiring time due to all the new hormones. Having a check up and meeting a midwife can help to settle your nerves.

2. Start eating well.

Ideally eating well should be a habit. However if you’re the type of person who eats whatever they want then it’s time to begin eating well for you and baby. Eating well effects the way you feel during pregnancy and can even effect labour itself. Having the correct amount of nutrients a day and doing light exercise like walking will not only positively effect your health, but your mental health too.

3. Find a child birth education class.

I can’t stress this point enough. Find a class wether private or in a group. Start learning about your rights. Learn about the pregnancy and birthing process. Knowledge is power and knowledge means you’ll be making informed choices.

4. Start doula looking.

It’s always great to have a doula from the begining of your pregnancy. That way you can build a strong connection with them and you will know each other very well when it comes time to birth.5. Morning sickness. Many mothers get morning sickness in the first trimester. Eating frequent dry meals, drinking enough water and even meditation can ease the discomfort.

7. Telling friends and family. Understandably some mothers don’t tell friends and family that they’re pregnant during the first trimester because the risk of miscarriage is high. Once baby’s heart beat is heard during the 9th week that percentage drops drastically. It’s up to you. Tell them when you feel comfortable enough. There’s no right or wrong.

8. Take it easy.

The first trimester goes by quickly. Enjoy it, morning sickness and all. Attend classes, meet with doulas and learn more about your body.Before you know it it’ll be over and you’ll have enough information to begin your birth plan. And your belly will be growing.

Next months child birth education topic: The ins and outs of the first trimester.

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