Doula Diaries: 1

A friend of mine was pregnant and I was extremely happy for her. I had attended births before but really had no intention of attending hers.

One qiuet and cold night I received a message from a friend who eventually became my husband. He told me that our friends waters broke. The hospital wanted to keep her in but she left and said she would come back once her rushes started. Her chosen doula was unable to attend and she was in need.

I hurried, picked up my very few supplies which consisted of aromatherapy oils, candles, raspberry leaf tea, chamomile tea and home made massage oil.

When I arrived she was in good spirits. She had no problem waiting it out. Her husband on the other hand wasn’t too comfortable with this and you could feel his stress. He told us that the hospital was worried about infection and had advised him to check Mama’s temperature regularly to make sure her and baby are OK.

For 3 days we sat in the house. I did everything I knew how to induce labour. Massage, warm baths, teas, aromatherapy. I then sent her and her husband to the bedroom to do nipple stimulation and they would both end up falling asleep.

By the fourth night we were worried. There seemed to be no changes. Baby had no amniotic fluid and was prone to infection. 72 hours is the maximum time hospitals allow before they induce.

It wasn’t untill me and her had a quiet chat whilst I was massaging her did it dawn on me.

She was afraid. A first time mother. This is a time when past traumas and fears arise.

I massaged her using energy healing techniques and she was finally able to release tension by crying.
Later that evening her friends came over and they sat, spoke and laughed.

I left that night and went home. I decided to cook a spicy chicken curry. As soon as it was cooked I went back and served her. 2 spoonfuls later she sat back and felt her first strong rush.

3 hours later we were in the kitchen leaning on the counter applying pressure to her hips.
She sang in loud hyms and swayed as her husband stood behind her.

She was then able to sleep for 4 hours.

We woke up and got dressed as she entered her transmission stage. 45 minutes later Mama gave birth in hospital on all fours to a healthy baby boy.

This birth gave me confidence. From then on I trusted my intuition. I became fully comfortable in my role as a doula.

Mama and baby were well and healthy.

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