Interview with: Doula Oorooj

Oorooj is a mother of an aspiring gymnast as well as a home educator. When she can, she and her son experiment with different ingredients to put in cakes love to do graffiti in the back garden. To keep her sane, she does meditation and Pilates regularly but sometimes just needs a tub of Ben & Jerry Ice cream and watches a chick flick movie in bed. Don’t we all!

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I was fortunate to be able to become an emergency birth partner for my sister in-law.

At the time, she had no one to support her except her husband but he was too far away on business to get to her on time. I managed to remember how my own husband had helped and supported me at our son’s birth and straight away instinctively became her doula without even knowing what it was.

As a result, she had a beautiful daughter in a relaxed environment at home. When she found out that she was expecting again and asked me to be her birth partner again, I felt so honoured and said yes on the spot.

This time, we prepared for a birth at the birth centre, I helped her sort out food, kids and birth planning. I was much more prepared for the birth and supported her postnatally. After a couple of months, the news of what I did for my sister inlaw spread and I had someone who asked if I could be their birth partner too!

I had a close friend who want me to be her birth partner, I didn’t turn her away and said yes at the first instance. Unfortunately, she miscarried at 4 months and still called me to say thank you for offering to be there for her at every moment of the pregnancy.
My husband said to me that I should become a midwife, however, all the medical side of pregnancy didn’t appeal to me as I am more hands on and holistic.

This is when I researched about becoming a birth partner and found out more about what a doula does using Google!

As soon as I saw a course, I knew this was the path I wanted to take. I feel so honoured to be in the place I am today, supporting so many women in one of the most important and precious time in their lives.

As soon as I received my certificate, I took the plunge and created my website first. I want to create a transparent picture of who I am and what services I offer. I then set up a Facebook page and an Instagram account.
At first I was a little uncomfortable putting my pictures online for the whole world to see but I knew that if I was looking for a doula, I would want to know what the person looked like first too. I do a free consultation so that the client as well as myself know if we are well suited.
I want to spread my business using the above methods so that women who need a doula from an Asian/Muslim background can reach me as well as know and feel comfortable with who they are hiring.

Finding out that you or your partner are pregnant can be the best thing that could happen to you, it feels like you are at the top of the world! However, for some women it can feel like their life is over. Maybe they have no family or anyone else trustworthy by their side, no alternative support. Or possibly they are in very basic accommodation, or with extremely limited financial means and feel they can’t do this, but that is where I can come in!

I provide doula services; prenatal, birth and postnatal. I offer this for free to vulnerable refugees, asylum seekers, those who have been trafficked and rape victims. The women who are referred, are in desperate need of emotional and physical support. These women are more likely to commit suicide while pregnant or after given birth, and sadly most are Muslims.

To do this I need the community’s help anyone who would be willing to sponsor a birth so that I can sustain this free service for those who really need it.

If you have the passion, perseverance and patience and of course love newborns, this path is for you. Being a teacher all my life, I never thought I would become a doula. However, here I am and don’t regret it at all. There are so many organisations you can join, research them all and see which one you feel comfortable with. It doesn’t take long to qualify but you do need to be committed .
You are supporting women who are learning to be mothers.

“When a baby is born, the mother is also born”

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