Is a postpartum doula a nanny??

As a Nursery Caregiver myself this question seems quite easy to answer. However this may not the case for doulas out there who just don’t know, or families out there who actually need the help.

The answer is maybe.

Different Doulas provide different services when they come for postpartum visits.
Some don’t bring food but will help you cook what you have in the fridge.
Others will provide homecooked meals but won’t do any cleaning.

You, the client must make your wants and needs clear before hand so that no one ends up stepping on each others toes.

As for Doulas, it’s extremely important to write down exactly what you provide.
Even the smallest of details make a difference.

For example, we have a package that provides a mother two meals a week.
We include a menu of nutritious foods that are there to be a guide (not to order from) and a signed copy of any allergies the family may have.

We then provide an extremely detailed information list regarding our visits. Baby sitting is provided at an extra cost and we do not do deap clean our clients house, however, we do provide the numbers of different cleaning companies in the area.

It’s so important to have the smallest of details written down and signed.

Doulas and birth workers are professionals and to take care of our businesses we must have all the paperwork behind It.

Paperwork can be pesky and many holistically alternative business don’t put enough thought into it.

It’s not the prettiest side of our work but it is part of the foundation.

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