Crystals and trimesters…

I personally love using crystals in my work. Whether I gift a woman a moonstone necklace after she’s guven birth or a I place an agate stone in the centre of the room whilst we do a short meditation, crystals and stone are important parts of my work.

Crystals and stones can not be used solely on their own. Knowledge, meditation, eating well and getting enough sleep are all things that work togther. The use of crystals adds to the energy and vibrational aspect.

I have met many people who believe that belief in the healing power of crystals and stones has something to do with paganism.

It’s understandable as crystal and stone use has been portraied to only be used my crazy hippies in the forest.

Stones and crystals are mentioned in religious books such as the bible as well as many other ancient cultures and religions.

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) was known to wear an Abasynian stone. This stone, also named aqeeq, is believed to aid good health, strength and courage.

This being said using crystals is a totally personal choice and if a mother I’m working with doesn’t feel comfortable with them then that’s absolutely fine.

Now let’s get into the crystals I like to use for each trimester and why.

Pre-motherhood: MALACHITE

Malachite is a transforming stone. It promotes healing, earthy vibrations.

The reason I use it for pre-motherhood and fertility is because of the healing that a woman must go through before she carries life herself.

Healing her trauma, breaking cycles and transforming herself are all things that this stone supports.

The stone is best worn in a necklace that lays close to your heart.

First trimester: ROSE QUARTZ

Finding out that you are pregnant is a very exciting time. And my favourite stone for this special time is the beautiful pink rose quartz.

It’s energy is soft and subtle. It is nourishing, compassionate and most of all loving.

A crystal to aid and remind you to take it easy on yourself and your changing body.

This stone is also best worn as a necklace.

Second trimester: AMETHYST

The second trimester is when your body begins to physically change on the outside.

Amethyst reduces anxiety and stress. It also aids in relieving any other physical aches and pains one may feel.

It can be worn as a necklace are a pair of earrings.

Third trimester: JASPER

I absolutely love Jasper and I’ve found it to be the a great stone when it comes to patience and removing negative emotions.

It also helps with stability and grounding which is very important when it comes to the third trimester.

Getting ready for birth and coming to the end of your pregnancy journey can sometimes feel daunting.

It can be worn as any piece of jewellery.

Fouth trimester: BLACK ONYX

This stone has a powerful ability to reduce negative energy and replace it with power and stamina.

Two things needed when it comes to labour and birth.

It helps to remove thoughts of doubt and and fear and gives emotional strength.

It’s a great stone to have around when your due date is getting close and a stone I like to take with me when a mama is in labor.

It can be worn as any piece of jewellery.

Post partum: MOONSTONE

And lastly we have one of my favourite stones, the moonstone.
A healing, nourishing stone filled with feminine energy.
Calmness, love and emotional stability are just a few of this wonderful stones properties.

Relaxing and bringing back calmness and peace after birth is very important. This stone helps with that and is a wonderful gift to give a new mother.

I take moonstone with me on my postpartum visit and place them where mama rests.

It also allows you to be more accepting of help and love which is a must for postpartum mothers.

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