The Flower Of Maryam

The first time I saw a flower of Maryam I was in Yemen, Tareem.

A lady had placed it into a bowl of water and I watched it closely as it slowly grew. The plant wasn’t very big, it could probably be balanced comfortably in the middle of my hand but before I knew it had doubled or tripled in size.

The woman than told me that she was taking it to a woman who was trying to induce labour. She was going to sip on the ‘tea’.

The Maryam flower, flower of Fatima, Jerico or the Anastatia flower is a small plant or shrub that grows in hot and dry Climates. It is mostly found in places like Saudi Arabia where it thrives in the desert climate of the Hijaz region. This is where the ones I use and sell are from.

It has been used for centuries by Arab, Fulani, Berber and many other woman to assist them not only during childbirth but when it comes to fertility too.

There are two ways the plant can be used. The plant can be soaked and the water/tea can be sipped on. This is believed to strengthen the uterus, induce labour and help with labour pains.

It can also be placed in a bowl of warm water when the mother enters labour. It opens slowly uncurling and forming into a larger plant with small open flowers. Once the flower is open the mothers cervix is fully dilated and she is ready to begin pushing and birthimg the child.

There is no scientific evidence to support these claims however many traditional midwives and doulas swear by it and it has been used for centuries.

I personally love to use it when mothers are in labour by placing it in warm water and I also make a fertility tea that contains the flower and other amazing herbs.

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