About our online course Mulfa:Reclaiming the African rebozo

In a few weeks this online course will be available to anyone and everyone who is interested in learning more about the Mulfa. An African rebozo style cloth used to dress women as well and provide pregnancy and postpartum care.Many birthworkers use the rebozo a Mexican cloth used to help provide pain relief and comfort to mothers during labour.

Somehow during its journey in the childbirth world its origin has been forgotten and cultural appropriation has been mixed with such a valuable resource.

We want to change that and so we have used the information that our founder Shakirah Sabira has as well as the information Muslimah Maat has and created an online course.

The course consists of 7 units with short exams. It includes online classes, downloadable materials, articles, techniques and much more. The course also provides each student with a Mulfa sent directly from West Africa as well as a certificate of completion and the title Barakah’s Doula Mulfa Certified.

It is a extremely fruitful course that we are sure you will enjoy and benefit emensseley from.It is so important to learn directly from those who have learnt directly from women who live in the tradition. That’s what we have done here. We are providing sales and a percentage of the money spent on the Mulfas and returning it to the community.

Please keep an eye out on our Instagram page to find out when the course will be live. We are currently looking at the end of February. However please do contact us now as places are already filling up and the early bird prices of £90 are going quickly.


  1. Tanefer Camara says:

    How do I sign up for the course?

    1. Please keep a look out for the launch date on our Instagram page @barakahsdoula or send us an email Barakahsdoula@gmail.com

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