Wombanhood Meditation

Let’s start by saying that meditating isn’t only for monks and you don’t have to leave your home and do an ‘eat, pray love journey’ (although I wouldn’t mind going to Italy and eating Pasta for a few months).

Meditation is a way to improve your mental health and in turn improve your way of life.

We live such fast paced lives. Hardly any time is given to take a minute and really see where we are. We react and react to outside stimulation and hardly ever listen to our bodies. I am definitely saying this from my own experience.

Meditation helped me and is helping me to take back the reins of my brain to reconnect with my body. We are going to be talking specifically about the womb. The vessel of life. The only organ in the world that can contain and grow life.

Our cycles come and go without thought and consideration. We don’t stop to listen to the sounds of our wombs.

That’s why I believe that womb meditation is incredibly important for every woman. Once a week or even once a month a minimum of ten minutes,give your mind and womb some much needed attention.

This meditation first gives some time for the mind to quiet by using the breath. It then allows you to focus on your womb and feel any subtle sensation around that area. For example a subtle itch under your belly button. We don’t react to it but rather allow it to be a source of communication between us and our womb. A twinge in the ovary, instead of judging it as pain and brushing it aside just observe it. Slowly you will begin to hear its rhythm and release any pains.

Find a quiet place. It doesn’t have to be indoors. Anywhere you can give yourself some time. Some may wish to burn some insence to set the mood and energy of the space. Some may wish to burn a candle. If you do wish to do so I would definitely recommend Frankensence. If not that is totally fine too.

Sit comfortably.
The most important thing is to be comfortable and if that means you have to sit in chair then do so.
If you are able to then try to sit crossed legged on the floor.
Sitting on the floor allows you to stay grounded and sitting crossed legged opens up your pelvis.

Set a timer. 10 minutes minimum to begin with and increase as you wish.

With your hands resting gently on your thighs and your eyes closed, breath. It doesn’t matter if your breath is all over the place.

Just breath.

We breath 24/7 and yet we don’t even notice it. It happens absolutely naturally.

So breath consciously. And focus on the area in your nose, on your nose and around your nose.

Feel the sensation of the cold air coming into your nostrils and the warm air being released.

Relax every muscle in your body. From your eyes, to your jaw, your tongue to you shoulders, your stomach and your back and all the way to your toes. Relax totally and completely.

And breath. Don’t control your breath. Just allow it to flow as it is.

Let go of the control.

Whenever you find your mind drifting. Gently, without judgement bring it back to your breath.

The world judges us enough. Don’t do it to yourself.

Gently bring it back like you would a horse that’s slowly straying off the path. You don’t drag it or tell it off. Just hold the reigns lightly untill it comes back.

And again, observe your breath.

After doing this for a little while and once you feel rested, take your attention to your womb,your ovaries, your life creating organs and repeat the following intentions:

I make intention to release any trauma and pain.
I make intention to to allow my womb to heal.
I make intention to release my fears.
I make intention to only allow truth and honesty.
I make intention to acknowledge my womanhood.
I make intention to be present.

Add any personal intentions you may have.

Focus your mind now on your womb. Focus on the space between your belly button and your upper thighs, the front and the back.

Continue breathing and relaxing.

Any sensations that may arise around and in that area allow to rise, and fall.

Any tickles, brushes of air, twinges in your ovaries.
Allow the space to communicate with you. Allow it to communicate through subtle sensations. We constantly have sensations all over. But our minds are distracted.

Don’t react. Just be present. Give yourself the attention you need.

Any thoughts related to your wombanhood allow to rise. Feel the emotions and release them through your breath.

Some may feel emotions of sadness, happiness, fear, control and some may feel no emotion only subtle sensations around the area. Whatever it may be. Never judge.

Do this for a little while. Breathing and giving attention to your womanhood.

When you are ready close your meditation by thanking your wombanhood and yourself. Thank yourself for giving your time and attention to your body.

And for a minute or so repeat the following:

I vibrate my healing, love and compassion to all women around the world. I share my healing with all so that we all may connect with ourselves.

Try to do this meditation whenever and wherever you can. And everytime you do it you will connect deeper and deeper. Past traumas and/or anxieties may arise at times but never forget to not judge. Just allow them to release through the breath.

May you find benefit in this meditation and may you reconnect with the portal of life which is our wombs.

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