Sacred Womanhood

Centuries of the degradation of women has left us empty and lost. We are unable to love ourselves, our communities/loved ones, our wildfulness, empathy, intuition and love have been made to seem weak and undesirable. We no longer have a connection to our wombs and cycles.

There was a time, however when we loved ourselves for who we were at our core and that loved pulsated outwards to everyone we came across. Our love for God was pure, true and without ego which consequently gave us the ability to nurture, heal and be the weavers and life givers of our universe. 

So now as many women awaken and open the dusty books of our ancestors and begin to reclaim our power, we find ourselves alone. Community was abolished long before the coronavirus settled among us. Women led communities, sisterhood and wise motherly figures were separated from us long before the now mandatory two meter rule. 

Finding ourselves again is a journey. A journey of ascension and reclamation’s of ones soul. It begins with healing.

Healing can sometimes feel like it’s not going anywhere but it’s takes time. Healing childhood, ancestral or motherly trauma allows us to move forward with more space in our being for light. Holding onto trauma causes anxiety, depression, aggravation and many other physical ailments.

As Earl Nightingale said: “We become what we think about”. In other words we become what we believe. If you believe that you are ugly and unlovable your body and surroundings will slowly become just that. If you believe that nothing good can come your way and that you are incapable of being happy lo and behold you will be just that.

Through trauma healing, inner child work, meditation, womb healing and more these traumatic experiences will lose their effects and you will be on your journey of being a being of love.

Don’t get me wrong, its not easy! The journey is an uphill route and there will be different forms of self doubt along the way. But what makes it easier and always has is sisterhood. Being held spiritually and having a space for you to let out the ugly and absorb light and positivity is crucial. We are not meant to be lonely creatures carrying our burdens alone. God has always sent prophets to teach, support and walk with us. Women need women.

If you are ready to begin this journey of ascension, join us on the 27th – 28th of March 2021 for a weekend retreat that help heal and hold space for you. Whether this is the start of your travels within yourself or if you have already began, this two day virtual retreat will be full of activities to allow you to experience sisterhood and intimate healing.

For more information click here.

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