African Womb Massage

So, when was the last time you told your womb you loved her? When was the last time you placed your hands on her? When was the last time you showed gratitude to your creator for placing his mercy within your body?

For many of us the answer to the questions above will be

“I have no idea!” and thats okay!

We haven’t been taught to give ourselves and our bodies love and care let alone our wombs.

Womb massage is a beautiful way to begin create an intimate daily, weekly or monthly date with your womb. a way for you both to connect, listen and become closer than ever before. Not only are the spiritual and emotional benefits of this practice a reason to add this ritual into your life but the physical benefits are so important too.

By massaging the womb you increase the blood circulation to your uterus and ovaries which can have a positive effect on your periods. You also gentle decrease bloating and water retention, warm the uterus, and help any blockages. As well as this this massage encourages a displaced womb to move into a better position too which can help wombs during the postpartum period specifically.

There are many methods to the massage technique however we will be going through the west African method.

First lay down comfortably with your head supported by a pillow and your eyes gently closed. Always begin with clean, warm hands and a massage oil. Traditionally shea butter is used or a sunflower carrier oil with your preferred herbs or essential oils. Check out our etsy store for our womb massage blend restock here.

Warming your massage oil first allows it to be absorbed faster when massaging and warms your uterus even more.

Begin anticlockwise and massage firmly (but not too hard!) in circular motions staring from around your belly button and working your way out until you reach your ribs and pubic bone. Begin again from your belly button and repeat for at least ten minutes.

This massage technique is a wonderfully intimate time for you to connect to your womb by saying any of your favourite womb affirmations or whatever comes to mind at the time. Show gratitude and love. Make sure to take deep breaths to help centre yourself and relax deeply.

Some examples are:

Thank you for being here

I release any tensions and blockages and allow you to give and receive love

I send love and gratitude to you and thank you for all you do

Journalling after a massage session can be a great way to get any thoughts and feeling down depending on how you feel after.

This massage is also perfectly safe to do whilst you are on your period too. If you are pregnant than make sure to use a pregnancy safe massage blend and use the opportunity to speak to your baby. Check out our etsy store for our bump butter shea butter blend restock here.

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