Shakirah Sabira Rahman is the founding director, chair board member of the Al Barakaah Foundation as well as a holistic therapist, doula, womb healer, midwife, reiki master, meditation teacher, hijama practitioner and Barakah’s Doula founder.

Born in London, England, Shakirah Sabira spent her childhood traveling the Middle East with her family allowing her to experience life around students of knowledge from different cultures and walks of life. There she spent time with women of God and going through a period of tarbiyyah “spiritual training”. She memorized and studied books like Imam Nawawis fourth Hadith and Al Burda as well as duff (drum) playing.

After moving to Yemen to study is Dar Al-Zahraa in Tareem, she began volunteering in the local clinic and was trained by a local doctor to take vitals and perform injections and cannula insertions. She was then requested to volunteer in the student clinic in Dar Al Zahra boarding school. This dive into health care steered her life into the direction of further study and the desire to aid people in a holistic way as she experienced the effects of western medicine first hand and was extremely deterred by the lack of holistic care.

She later qualified as a doula and CBE and began serving women in the Middle East and West Africa. After leaving Saudi Arabia she spent seven months working in a rural clinic supporting the local midwife in the Mauritanian desert.

Her spiritual background began to grow as she dove into new-age Buddhist practices. She felt driven to explore her womb health and used rituals like meditation and energy healing. After her second 10-day silent meditation retreat she dive into using her Islamic education to find the similarities between new-age spirituality and Islamic traditions and began implementing them into her healing work.

Barakah’s doula then morphed and grew into a holistic healing hub for women rather than its previous intention of only supporting pregnant mothers.

Shakirah Sabira is currently studying to become a certified midwife, travels to volunteer in clinics whilst supporting clients and serving women through holistic therapy, fertility, and doula services.

She holds monthly women’s only healing circles, facilitates workshops, and holds public lectures and workshops centered around female holistic healing. Her mission is to provide more women with knowledge of womb healing from an Islamic perspective.

” Holistic healing means that every aspect of our psyche is taken care over rather than focusing on one or the other. The individual is supported to grow wherever growth needs to be made”

Shakirah Sabira

Shakirah Sabira is a certified/qualified:

Student midwife  (IBMS)

Full spectrum Doula (AMANI BIRTH)

Meditation teacher (YOGAMU) (complementary therapies association CMT) (meditation alliance international MAI)

Kundalini yoga teacher (YOGAMU) (complementary therapies association CMT) (meditation alliance international MAI)

Moxibustion practitioner (complementary therapies association CMT)

Professional Hijama Cupping Therapist (D2D therapies)

Cupping Massage Therapist (Isla Verde Spa Training) (CTTA)

Childbirth Educator (AMANI BIRTH)

Reiki level 1, level 2 & Master (Natural Healing) (AADP) (international natural healers association INHA)

EFT/TFT (priory academy) (International natural healers association INHA)

African Womb Healing Practitioner (BD Academy)

Yoni steaming practitioner (BD Academy)

Founder and director of Barakah’s Doula©

Shakirah Sabira

Current location: Senegal