Shakirah Sabira CEO & founder

“Through my travels and education I have studied at the feet of great women. Barakah’s Doula Academy is a place to study these lost traditions and thereby not only learn a new practice but gain a deeper understanding of yourself”

There is nothing that creates change more than knowledge and education. Barakah’s Doula academy is a space for women to learn traditional practices which heal women mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Our courses are all curated by doulas, healers, and birth-workers who believe that sharing knowledge is the most beneficial and life-changing thing that we can do to create a positive domino effect.

Our current course can all be purchased and completed in your own time. For our certification courses to receive certification you will need to complete the final assignment and receive a minimum of 60% overall mark. You will then be able to join the Barakah’s Doula online directory and receive your practitioner certificates.

Our course range from introductory short courses on topics like womb health and meditation to practitioners/certification courses on topics like reiki and belly binding.

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African Belly Binding & postpartum Birth worker Certification Course

This self-paced certification course dives deep into African belly binding as well as traditional postpartum birth worker rituals.