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Our services are adapted to each individuals needs.

Holistic Fertility

A three month program that includes a diet plan, yoga and exercise plan, yoni steaming herbs, herbal teas, massage elixir and weekly therapy sessions. Whether this is the begining of your conceiving journey or if you would like to learn more about pregnancy this package is for you.


Healing the body is crucial when it comes to postpartum care. Whether you need a shoulder to lean on, home cooked meals or African belly binding, massage this package is for mothers during the first few years of birth


If you’re not sure which package is for you, look no further and book yourself in for a free 20 min consultation

Full Spectrum Doula

Full spectrum doula services for whatever point you are in your pregnancy journey. This package contains 2 meetings before the birth date

Child Birth Education

knowledge is power and education is needed to make informed decisions when it comes to childbirth. Join us for 10 classes full of vital information, labour practice, birth plan assistance and much more in this interactive course.

Holistic Therapy

One to one holistic therapy sessions with reiki, EFT/TFT, CBE and energy healing to get to the roots of trauma.

Begin the journey of healing.