Womb Healing one day retreat

Join us for a one-day retreat in the beautiful Zen Yoga center in Camberwell, as we dive deep into womb and sound meditation. With womb healing meditation, connection to the breath, sisterhood, a nutritional and delicious lunch, gift bags, and sound healing session this one-day retreat is an opportunity to disconnect, pause and reconnect with the body and soul.

Womb healing will be facilitated by Shakirah Sabira the founder of Barakah’s Doula and the sound journey will be facilitated by the wonderful Hana Elrais.

Spaces are limited so please book your place now to avoid disappointment.


A day of disconnecting from the outside world and diving deep into our bodies, soul, and womb this retreat schedule has been carefully curated to allow you the time to perform deep healing whilst being surrounded by sisterhood and feminine connection.

With a delicious vegan lunch, herbal teas and snacks and a thoughtful reusable gift bag this event is here to connect you to yourself as well as like-minded womb sisters.


Shakirah Sabira

Shakirah Sabira, the founder of Barakah’s Doula, is a holistic womb healer, yoni steaming practitioner, doula, reiki master, and traditional nomadic midwife. She helps women to find their power by connecting and healing their wombs and connecting to their Divine essence. Through womb healing meditations, somatic movement, and womb trauma release she passes on ancient techniques to give women the space to dive deep into themselves and find peace from the femininity and center of compassion.

Shakirah runs workshops, and classes and provides her services to women around the world.


Hana is a Sound Meditation facilitator and Grief & Loss Spaceholder. She leverages her 15-year long personal healing journey, Sufism spirituality, ancestral roots, she uses Vibrational Sound Medicine to inform her approach. Hana strives to create safe spaces in which sound is a vehicle to: calm the nervous system, carve out space to just be, reconnect with loved ones and process physical and emotional sensations. As a spaceholder, her niche is overcoming trauma and processing grief through understanding the mind, body, spirit connection.

What to expect


Beginning with a guided meditation to settle the mind and relax the body we will dive deep into our womb energy, connecting and visiting the Divine mercy and compassion within.

We will then tune into what our wombs are asking of us to release, expressing through the movement of the limbs, sound, and breathwork.

Using creative writing, drawing, and deep meditation we will release what does not serve us by chanting Divine names, igniting our feminine essence, and expanding our hearts.

We will then move into a rejuvenating and grounding sound bath.


You are invited to immerse yourself in the therapeutic world of sound, an effortless way to connect with the core of your being. Tune into your body at a cellular level, relax and bathe in the exquisite healing sounds.

Connect to your inner stillness during this powerful journey that blends instruments to create a unique experience. Hana will use the frequencies and vibrations of Crystal bowls, gong and various instruments to alter your state of consciousness to experience deep meditation, rejuvenation, and lucid dream-like states. Let the expansive and primitive sounds guide you on your journey and bring you back into alignment and harmony with yourself. Activate your restorative parasympathetic nervous system where you will find true relaxation as you tap into your inner wisdom and find yourself deeply grounded.

Join us! Answer the call of your womb now!

When: 2nd of July, 10 am to 4 pm

Where: 24A Camberwell Grove, London SE5 8RE

Womb healing one day retreat

Ticket includes delicious vegan lunch and gift bag!